Jigsaw Puzzle Board

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Limited edition Puzzle Board designed and hand-crafted in London by Archalis Design exclusively for POTP.

Each unique puzzle board can fit a standard 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and includes a lid (which can be used as a second board), as well as two trays.

The trays slot nicely inside to be packed away. The trays have loose separators allowing you to create spaces for the varying jigsaw puzzle pieces.

The small indents on the sides of the puzzle board allow you to pick up the tray with ease to transport your masterpiece to another room.

Lastly, the lid has been specially engraved, and closing the lid allows the puzzle to be stored safely horizontally without the jigsaw pieces getting lost or damaged.

Made sustainably using FSC certified plywood.

External: 58 x 78 cm

Internal: 54 x 74 cm


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