About Pieces Store

Jigsaw puzzles


Hannah and Daphnée started Pieces Of The Puzzle in 2020. 4,000 miles didn't stop them from creating a business that they're proud of today.

About Us

Pieces started out from a passion for living in the moment, taking time out of the every day hustle to focus on a simple, calming task such as walking your dog, making soup from scratch or slotting pieces in to a jigsaw. 

We live in a world which can often affect our mental health, increase anxiety and we fixate on our digital screens throughout the day. We wanted to create a range of puzzles which not only trained your brain but was actually great art. 

Our jigsaws are made in the UK using FSC certified wood and starch based glue. The jigsaw pieces are contained in a reusable, cotton Fairtrade drawstring bag.

Since our beginnings in 2020, we have diversified into other amazing products designed, built and made by the most amazing makers and small businesses to curate a lifestyle store that embodies what our ethos has always been. Lead a purposeful life with products that are sustainable and ethical. 

We're still launching our jigsaws but love sourcing other products that we know our community will love.