Five Steps On Completing A Jigsaw Puzzle

Pieces Of The Puzzle was born out of a need to find an activity which was mindful and reduced anxiety, which didn't involve looking at a screen. Just in the short time that we've been around, we've also been lucky enough to start growing our community. 

Our first blog post is by puzzling guru, Mery; founder of Puzzling Pusing, who has broken down the five vital steps on how to complete a jigsaw puzzle. So without much further ado, please have a read of her blog post below. 


Bear in mind, there is no wrong way to complete a jigsaw puzzle. But, these five steps will help you finish the puzzle easily. Before you do all the steps, you should be prepared to be patient because puzzling will need longer time than you think. You can also prepare some snacks and beverages if you wish. Keep these slightly away from your jigsaw so the drips and crumbs will not distract your puzzling time!

  • Start by opening your puzzle and pour out all the pieces (carefully, please!)
  • How can you start playing a puzzle without opening it, right? Make sure you have enough space for your puzzle and you are in the safe place so you can prevent that moment where pieces go flying. You will also need good lighting if the colour of your puzzle and the details are not bright enough, so bring out extra lighting for better vision. Pour out all the pieces from the bag or box, and check it carefully until you are sure that nothing is left in the container. Sometimes there is dust and tiny bits of cardboard in with the jigsaw. You can pour your puzzle into a colander so the dust is removed.

  • Flip all the pieces so every piece is facing up
  • This will take a bit longer depending on the number of pieces you have but it will really help you to start seeing the patterns on the pieces. You can use the table surface to spread out the pieces or if you have trays, you can move the jigsaw pieces more easily which will help during your assembling time. While you flip the pieces, you can do the next step.

  • Sort by edge pieces, colour, pattern and by the shape
  • As you flip up your pieces, separate out the edge pieces. You should then sort the pieces by colour or pattern. You may find unrecognisable pieces, calm down! Leave them in a separate batch too. You can also sort by the shape if you are working with a puzzle which has solid colours or unrecognisable pieces.

  • Assembling: start from the edge pieces, specific colour or and leaving the solid colour pieces to last
  • You've got all the edge pieces, start assembling the outer edge of the puzzle and you can then continue assembling the inner part from a detail that you can recognise. Keep that going until only the unrecognisable pieces or solid coloured pieces are left. Here’s another tip for you, sometimes you think a piece is the right piece but how can you check this? A correct piece will slide into place and you won't find any gaps around the sides. Here you are, the solid block colours are always the hardest part. To help you tackle these difficulties, you can sort the pieces by the shape so you can easily find and match the suitable pieces to the correct hole shape.

  • Share it with the puzzle community 
  • You may want to document your puzzling success on your social media channels. Don't forget to take pictures of your puzzle progress using popular hashtags such as #jigsaw #jigsawpuzzlesofinstagram and #timeforpuzzles. You can also take videos and play around with different effects to make it more interesting. My suggestion is a time lapse and with a cool backward effect.


    Happy Puzzling! From Mery Pannjaitan, Indonesia. You can find her at  @puzzling.pusing  on Instagram. 




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