Collaboration One: Esme Rose Marsh

Pieces Of The Puzzle's first (of many we hope!) collaboration is with the wonderful writer and artist, Esme Rose Marsh. Find out where her inspiration comes from and what she likes to do to be mindful. 
Esme Rose Marsh Artist

Where do you come from and tell us about your background.

    I grew up in a small town in north Nottinghamshire, where collaging and zine-making was my favourite pastime. When I was 16 I started a fashion blog for posting catwalk reviews, which led to opportunities within the British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week, and in turn influenced my decision to study Fashion Journalism at University. I’d always been an avid collector of images — my magazine collection is overflowing from every corner of my room, but it was during this time, learning more about publishing, that I decided to establish my own print publication, Hook Magazine. The aesthetic of Hook is one that very much illustrates my collage roots and helped me to develop my artistic style, which I have carried forward into my practice today.

    Hook Magazine


    What are the inspirations behind your collages? 

    I’m inspired to coax new contexts out of existing realities. I think it’s a fascinating thing to be able to change the meaning of something entirely through visual alteration and what then occurs to our understanding of the world around us in that process.

    Your Chakras Taste Like Jelly


    What has been your favourite project to work on?

    I have worked on so many great projects with inspiring brands and individuals, it’s hard to pick a favourite. I think I’ve been very lucky in that the commissions I get tend to come from businesses who already have a strong grasp of who I am and how that will echo throughout the work, and perhaps why I’m a good fit for the project (which is happy days for everyone involved!). Working on my puzzle design for Pieces Of The Puzzle is definitely up there in my favourite projects because it’s in a really exciting medium and being able to see my artwork come to life physically is a magical experience. 


    What do you do to relax and have a mindful moment?

    I’m someone who takes their well-being pretty seriously because I want to preserve my creativity as much as possible. This means reading and meditating every morning, brushing off the day by going on a walk with a podcast in my ear, not using social media on weekends. My mantra is if I want the work to respect me, I have to respect the work. 


    Favourite restaurant?

    Oh what a thing of the past! My favourite restaurant has to be Sketch on Conduit Street in London. The best restaurant experiences for me are immersive ones, where it’s not just about the food, it’s about every one of the senses. Sketch is one of those places where all time slips away and you are transported into another dimension completely. I’ve had some very special moments in the various rooms there.


    Small brand shout-out! Please name your fave three indie brands.

    As I mentioned earlier, I’m really into my wellness and spirituality and one of my favourite places to buy adaptogens is Glow Bar. I add their He Shou Wu to my coffee every morning and their cafe is also one of my favourite places in London to hang out. Tamara Driessen AKA Wolf Sister is my go-to healer and spiritual practitioner and I cannot recommend her ceremonies enough if you’re looking to deepen your spirituality or to just carve out a space for yourself. I also love what the sexual wellness brand HANX are doing within the industry. Their online forum, HANX Life is an absolutely brilliant, reassuring safe space.


    Lastly, what exciting project or positive thing is happening in the future for you, personally or professionally? 

    I’m currently in the process of developing a new print collection and introducing a new business model that will allow customers to get their hands on more exclusive designs more regularly from me, which I am really really excited about. Personally, I've felt a change emerge in me on the turn of the Summer Solstice, and though much of summer has been disrupted this year, I’m absolutely dedicated to making it one of fun regardless!


    You can follow Esme on Instagram at @esmerosemarsh and buy her beautiful work from her shop here. Don't forget, if you want to be first in line to buy a limited edition Pieces Of The Puzzle x Esme Marsh jigsaw, then you need to sign up to our newsletter which you can find at the very bottom of this page. 


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