Collaboration Nine: Laura Redburn

Laura redburn

Tell us a little bit about yourself and a fun fact

My name is Laura Redburn, I'm from Cardiff and I make collages. As you might also be able to tell I love collecting things! Especially paper ephemera, stamps and cigarette cards. I'm also obsessed with colour - it makes my world go round. Fun fact? I have hyper mobile joints - I can bend my knees backwards like a flamingo.

What made you get into collecting stamps and other old paper collectables?

Collage art Laura redburn
To be honest I can't remember specifically when it started, but I do remember when I was younger I loved going to antiques and second hand shops with my dad. I often found myself distracted by cigarette and tea cards, so that might have been the very beginning. However, after going to college in my early 20s I discovered my love for collage, so I think that's where it really took off. Always looking for interesting bits of paper/magazines/textures's been ingrained in me since then. Only about 10 or so years ago did I get into stamp collecting. Browsing eBay for vintage job lots of stamps bought me a sense of excitement so it kind of snowballed from there! And since then I've started collections of cigarette cards, tea cards, seed packets, bus tickets, tins and more. Plus always random ephemera that catches my eye!

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new artwork?

Stamp collection collage art
Cliché as it might be - anywhere and everywhere! Colours I see out on my walks, something random that grabs my attention, an interesting texture or photo in a old magazine. With client work I see what words/phrases from the brief I'm drawn to and start from there.  But I've always worked instinctively and from my gut. I can't force myself to make or do something if it doesn't feel right. I have to trust what my heart/mind is telling me.I rarely have set ideas in my mind and just make and see what happens.

What has been your favourite project to work on?

Stamp collection philately
I genuinely enjoyed working on this with you! Playing around with stamps and things and arranging them on colourful card? Literal dream. That aside, in terms of enjoyment of the process I liked doing this with Toni & Guy. It was so cool to be invited to the photoshoot and have some insight (and a little input) of the behind the scenes stuff I'd never normally get to see. Final image wise I think it's a tie between this one for Mollie Makes and this one for Baltimore Magazine.

What do you do to relax and have a mindful moment?

Collage art laura redburn
Absolutely going out for walks. Sometimes just a short work up and down the road, sometimes wondering around for a couple hours. Often with my camera (or at least my phone camera) in hand. I often just go where my feet take me and don't like to plan routes. Also, I love charity shops and antiques shops so both of those both make me happy and put me in that zen zone.

Favourite restaurant?

There's an Indian near me called Panama that makes a lush Persian Biryani! Also it's not there anymore but I loved Cocorico (from the guys that won the Professionals Bake Off).
Philately stamp collection laura redburn

Small brand shout-out! Please name your fave three indie brands

So hard to choose just three! I have to mention one of my all time faves, Present & Correct! I also love Yoko's Mini Mart - so fun and colourful. And Studio Emma for her beautiful colourful concrete wares.

Lastly, what positive things are you looking forward to the rest of this year?

Time off the day job, ha! I enjoy it but I need some time away from it! My little stamp haul I usually buy myself a week or two before Christmas. And definitely (hopefully) going to see my dad before the year is over.

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