Collaboration Five: Liv & Dom

Liv & Dom artist collaboration

Liv and Dom are the lovely, Lewes-based artists and twins. We couldn't be more excited about our next exclusively designed jigsaw when they agreed to collaborate with us. We commissioned them to create the ultimate summertime dreamscape of gingham, blossoming flowers and their signature painted ladies. We think they've nailed it! 

We asked them some questions about what inspires them, how they relax and find a moment of piece; and where they like to dine out too! 

 Candle stick cermic liv & dom artists

Tell us a little bit about yourself and a fun fact

D- The basics first! We’re 27 year old identical twins and we live and work together in Lewes, East Sussex (next door to Brighton!). We’ve been making work under the name Liv & Dom for about 6 years.


A few years ago we were so broke that we accidentally spent the last money we had (about £20) on a handmade ceramic oil drizzler at a makers fair, luckily we had a return train ticket to get home! We still have that in our kitchen and it reminds us of how far we’ve come since.



How did you get into becoming ceramists and illustrators?

D- Our mum was always encouraging our natural enthusiasm for making as children. I would say that had a big part of it - her buying plasticine/fimo and lots of coloured pens/pencils (while our Dad provided the stacks of paper) definitely helped!

L- We studied illustration at University, mainly because of the open nature of the course that allowed you to work in many mediums. We made a lot of air dry clay work and textiles work alongside drawing in the Uni years and for our final project we worked together to establish our ‘brand’. We just kept going with it when we graduated and things organically progressed from there.

 Ceramic bowls ladies illustrated by liv & dom

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new work?

D- We love looking for patterns everywhere we go - in architecture, vintage textiles, old book covers. That and our immediate surroundings, in the garden and out in the South Downs.

L- We get a lot of inspiration from the fantastic antique shops where we live, for a small town there are a LOT of antique shops. We browse these quite frequently, taking photos of objects that inspire us like old french plates and vintage tablecloths (and occasionally buying our favourites to keep).


What has been your favourite project to work on?

L- I loved working on limited edition trinket dishes for ‘The Crop’, a jewellery shop in Brighton. It was wonderful coming up with ideas around the shop's theme of dusky pinks, jade greens and opulent jewellery. The best part may have been getting to do a photoshoot in the shop (the first time I’d left Lewes in months due to lockdown) and getting to play with all the wonderful jewellery.

D- Maybe working for Papier, designing stationary - it was quite a challenge for us to do so much illustration work at once (having focused mainly on ceramics for years) but it was definitely worth it to make our artwork more accessible to a larger audience.


What do you do to relax and have a mindful moment

D- I really enjoy tidying the whole house, lighting a candle and then just sitting and basking in a lovely, clean house - hoovering can be relaxing and also good exercise!

L- I feel mindful and relaxed when I’m cooking. Getting into the flow of things, organising and preparing ingredients and seeing everything come together is so satisfying. Gardening with my partner is also a time I feel very peaceful.


Favourite restaurant?

D - There is a slight lack of restaurants in Lewes but there are lots of great places to have lunch and get takeaways- our favourites are Caccia & Tails, as the name suggests they make focaccia and really nice canned cocktails plus the best donuts we’ve ever tried!

 Ceramic sculpture liv and dom


Small brand shout-out! Please name your fave three indie brands

L- Seven Sisters Spices is a local brand we both love, they make the most delicious curries for delivery. The brand owner Chloe is so thoughtful and sensitive about the cultural origins of her recipes and does a lot of work for charity which makes it so satisfying, as well as tasty, to support her. Casa de folklore is another favourite indie brand of mine that sells wonderful Romanian artisan ceramics that are steeped in folk art tradition.

D- The Afro Skin & Hair co, we spent the longest time not buying appropriate products for our mixed race hair, this brand is sustainable, local and founded/owned by a black woman, perfect!


 Liv and Dom portrait

Lastly, what positive things are you looking forward to this year? 

D- I’m (fingers crossed) going on a trip to Scotland in June, I’ve not been on a proper holiday in about 6 years so although it’s in the UK and maybe the weather won’t be great, I’m pretty excited about it!

L- Just being able to see friends and family more and maybe making some more local connections as we’re still quite new to the area!

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